For a few weeks I have finished my Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and I will start to study Master of Science in Computer Science in one month. A lot of my projects had to be paused, because of the bachelor team project and thesis. Now I want to go on with these projects.

One of these projects is this blog. I launched this blog back in the end of 2012, but until today I have only written 10 articles. In the future I want to write an article once a week. Also until now this blog is completely in german, but I want to change to english, because as developer most of my research results are in english and also the most and best documentation is in english. Furhtermore I want to improve my written english.

I also started a year a go to create a custome theme for this blog, but I never finished it. So this will be fixed soon. I will also add some more stuff beside my blog entries, like references to my previous projects.

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